• Telangana Samara Bheri grand success

    The Telangana ‘Samara Bheri’ meeting held at Suryapeta in Nalgonda on Sunday has becomes grand success with lakhs of people from all over Telangana swarm the venue. All the TRS leaders including party President K.Chandrashekar Rao, K.Taraka Ramarao, TJAC Chairman Prof. Kodhandaram and many others attend the meeting.

    KCR addressing the people has said “Telangana people should chase all these ‘Andhra Parties’ from our Telangana, which have been cheating us for decades. Neither Chandrababu nor late YS.Rajashekar Reddy did any favor to us, except looting all our natural resources. Yet, both these parties are touring across Telangana to grab our votes. I ask whether Chandrababu is reliable at all? Let him find if it (reliability) is available inSingaporemarkets let him buy it as he lacks it. I ask the people of Telangana, still how many years we have carry these Andhra leaders on our shoulders? Let us rule ourselves. We don’t need either Rajanna Rajyam or Chadranna rajyam. All we need is Telangana Rajyam only.”

    He further said “I warn the Government not to play any games with our Telangana Government employees. If tried, certainly we will make Kiran Kumar Reddy Government feel sorry for it. Don’t think that they are alone and helpless. We will stand by them all the way to fight out any injustice made to them.”

    KCR also pointed out the discrimination of Telangana projects by the ruling Congress Government. He said that while several other projects in rest of the state are moving with pace, LLBC project in Telangana is still remain where it was since last 45 years. He described late YSR as a thief who stolen away their right share of waters from Potireddypadu project. He said during his regime around 10,000 farmers and 5,000 hand loom wavers have committed suicides. He asked YSRC whether is it going to offer the same Rajanna Rajyam again to people of Telangana?

    Several other leaders who spoke in the meeting have spit fire on TDP, YSRC and the ruling Congress Government for cheating Telangana people all these years. Prof. Kodhandaram has said the next phase of agitation will begin soon which will continue till separate Telangana is achieved.

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