• Telangana says ‘NO’ to Flipkart


    More worries await the uber urban people of Telangana as the government intends to add Flipkart to the list of websites to be blocked alongside Iambesharam.com, Thatspersonal.com and Ohmysecrets.com. While there is nothing common between Flipkart and the other sites, the government thinks otherwise and feels that it needs to be blocked to avert crimes against women.

    Citing blocking Flipkart’s move as a necessary move under the IT Act of 2000 for sites with objectionable content, a senior government official said that it would ask the company and various ISPs to set up appropriate software tools that will block violating content.

    For people who are getting cozying up to the idea of shopping online and are reaping its benefits, this move is  not only looks ridiculous but also very discomforting. 

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