• This is a Buffalo-Govt: Vijaya Lakshmi

    YSR Congress party honorary president YS Vijayamma has visited Neelam-cyclone affected areas in Kammam district on Thursday. She has visited Tirumalayapalem, Konijerla and some areas where the farmers are badly affected with the cyclone. There She talks with cotton growers and learnt about their miserable state.

    Later speaking to media, she sharply criticized the government. She described it as a Buffalo-Government, which is unconcerned about the miserable state of farmers. She said “The ministers are busy with theirDelhitours to safeguard their political interests. None of them deserved to be called as people’s representatives. Once our YSR Congress party elected to power in the forthcoming elections, our Government will introduce a separate budget for the farmers with which all the farmers in the state will be benefited.”

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