• We support Telangana oppose KCR: Mandha Krishna

    MRPS has conducted ‘Aatma gourava rally’ (Rally for self respect) at Suryapeta in Nalgonda lead by its president Mandha Krishna Madiga on Sunday protesting KCR’s feudalistic attitude shown towards backward classes. Although a huge rally has been conducted by MRPS, it was over shadowed by TRS organized ‘Samara Bheri’ meeting held at the same place and same time.

    ‘Aatma Gourava Rally’ begins from a local junior college at Suryapeta and ends at Dr. Ambedkar Statue at Kammam cross roads junction.

    Mandha Krishna Madiga addressing the people has said “We support Telangana but not the feudalists of the political parties, especially the TRS party which repeatedly insults our backward communities in the name of Telangana agitations. We are no more ready to bear any insults in the name of Telangana agitation. If they continue such practices any further, we warn them we will turn into Nexalites and attack them.

    On this eve, we once again condemn the remarks made by Prof. Kodhandaram and later which supported by KCR. Both these leaders rushes in support of upper casts leaders, but hesitate or even ignore to standby the lower cast leaders. I want to know why these leaders have keep their mouths shut when people like Ex. Minister Shankar rao, MLAs Rajaiah, Hanumanth Shinde and others were attacked and why did they quickly reacts when an upper cast leader like Nagam Janardhan Reddy was attacked in Osmania University? We are not going to tolerate this kind of discrimination shown by the feudalist leaders of TRS party. We will chase them like their shadows whenever they speaks against us.”

    Mandha Krishna Madiga also shot question to TRS that why is his party turning blind-eye on Sharmila’s pada-yatra in Telangana, while his party is quite opposing TDP president Chandrababu’s pada-yatra in the region. He said that this itself proves there is secret pact between TRS and YSR Congress party. He described theirs as self-respect-culture, where as it is sell the party-culture for TRS. ”


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