• What makes Jagan magnetic?

    Although, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is now behind bars, one can’t rule out his influence on the people and the political parties. During the last few days we have seen many MLAs and leaders queuing-up before Chanchalguda Jail to join his party. His influence was also felt during the latest political developments in the state capital, with MIM party president Owaisi declaring Jagan as his new ally. But, what makes the leaders so attracted to him, who is struggling with CBI cases?

    The prevailing political uncertainty in the state, burning Telangana issue and its impact on the political parties, TDP’s failure to project itself as the only ray of hope for the state, collectively makes the people and the political leaders look towards YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy, who alone is having some charisma and good following among the people.

    People who feel agony with the soaring market raising prices, corruption, shocking power tariffs, burning gas fares etc are seen openly expressing their grief over the ruling Congress Government. Yet, the leaders in the Government ignoring the problems are busy with their personal and political interests. So, even Rahul Gandhi’s presence in the forthcoming elections, may not convince the people to re-elect the Congress party. Moreover, there is no charismatic leader in the party in state level. The only one all Chiranjeevi lacks the necessary political experience and knowledge to make any tall claims or to influence the people in the forthcoming elections.

    Next, comes the only alternative left is TDP. It’s evident that ever since it loose elections in 2009, the party didn’t take any concrete steps to rebuild the party from scratch. Chandrababu alone become the face of the party and vise verse.  No other leader in the party was allowed to grow-up and to strengthen its roots in rural areas. More over the strategy of Chandrababu’s two-eyes and his latest letter written to UPA Government in favor of separate Telangana also leads to a clear split in the party, with which some of their leaders start looking towards TRS and some others toward Jagan Mohan Reddy.

    When such political cavity develops in the state, obviously a fresh face with some popularity will have the benefit to enjoy the support of people and chance of emerging as a new force in the politics. Congress party in the state having no perfect leader to lead, TDP struggling for its own existence, TRS limitations to Telangana region, makes Jagan the only scope for the aspirants. Our wise leaders might have failed to understand the agony of the people, but they can easily find out on whom to rely upon for their political future. That’s why they are queuing-up before Jagan Mohan Reddy.


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