• World Bank questions the Government of AP

    world bank

    In the year 2010, World Bank, Government of India and Government of AP had signed a US$ 770 million deal to improve the roads (with US$ 320), improve municipal development (with US$ 300 million) and better rural water and sanitation (with US$ 150 million).

    The US$ 320 million Andhra Pradesh Road Sector Project designed to improve quality, capacity and safety of roads in Andhra Pradesh will upgrade about 429 km of priority state highways and finance long-term maintenance of over 6,000 km of the state’s core road network.

    Last week, a team from World Bank came down to Andhra Pradesh to see the impact of their loans and were shell-shocked to see the current condition of the roads. Showing their disappointment clearly, the group demanded an explanation from the concerned government officials immediately.

    Reacting to this, the Chief Minister Mr. ChandraBabu Naidu commented that he is personally looking in to this issue and not only will he ensure that the necessary actions are taken against the perpetrators but also push the pace at which the current projects are being executed.

    The bigger question to the larger audience is ‘Who is to answer what happened to the money, and more importantly, how will the current government recover the amount from perpetrators?’ Or do the tax paying people of Andhra Pradesh bear the brunt of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

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