• Yedurappa snap ties with BJP, launches new party

     Yedurappa, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka state and the much known dissident leader of the BJP has snapped ties with the party and announced floating of his new political party-Karnataka Janata Party soon. He has resigned to BJP membership and sent the letter to party president Nitin Gadkari today. Later, he told the media that his Janata Party will be officially launched on December 9th. He made this announcement in a huge meeting held at Freedom Park in Bangalore city in the presence of his 2000 followers. He was found very emotional while announcing his break up with BJP.

    He said “I am leaving the party with heavy heart. I have faced so many problems from the party despite my 40 years of service to it. At the end, I was forced to leave the party. Although, there are 50 MLAs in the government supporting me, I don’t want them to topple the government.”

    But, in fact Yedurappa has been troubling the lone BJP government in the south with his supporters since he pulled down from his CM chair. He was forced to step down from the chair as his name surfaced in the Lokayukta reports in connection with illegal mining cases. Then onward, he never let his successor to sit peacefully in the chair. Finally, as he always used to threaten the party high command, has left the party and launching his own party, which would be fatal blow for BJP.

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