• Yes! It was tongue slip:Kodhandaram

    Prof. Kodhandaram who made some odd remarks against Minister Geeta Reddy few days back, has apologized her after facing the ire of backward classes. But, it seems the concerned are not at all satisfied with his apology and files atrocity case against him in Zaheerabad police station recently. Some workers of backward unions have tried to attack his house today. Sensing the ire, Prof. Kodhandaram, after having a meeting with TRS president K.Chandrashekar Rao today, he once again tendered his apology to Minister Geeta Reddy and to the backward communities accepting tongue slip. He appealed the backward communities and Minister Geeta Reddy to forgive him for his remarks and to close the matter. However, KCR who until now is angry with Kodhandaram supporting him has said that he didn’t find any thing wrong in his remarks, thus irritating the concerned further.

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