• ‘You are our eyes’ says Chief Minister

    Andhra People

    In the wake of recent terrorist attacks across the globe and the more recent bomb blast in Bangalore on the 28th of December, the intelligence agencies have been keeping a strong vigil across the nation.

    In a concerning situation, these agencies have reported terrorist movements in the borders of Andhra Pradesh, especially in areas of Chitoor, Kurnool etc. While the local police has beefed up their strength and are rigorously trying to track down these anti-social elements, showing his discontentment on the situation, Chief Minister Mr. ChandraBabu Naidu has made an appeal to the public in general and the youth in specific.

    Asking them to be on vigil, he said ‘you are our eyes and ears but don’t act stupid. Be on guard and report any suspicious acts or movements around you.’ Praising the youth for their energy and brains, he also made an appeal to keep safety of themselves and people around them as paramount.

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