Mega Family dominates box office records


Mega family is maintaining their supremacy at the box office even after the exit of Megastar Chiranjeevi. With the recent success of Allu Arjun’s Race Gurram, the family had occupied four slots of the total five biggest hits of all time in Telugu film industry.

1. Atharintiki Daaredhi
2. Magadheera
3. Gabbar Singh
4. Race Gurram

If we take the total Top 10 films at the box office, Ram Charan has three including – Magadheera, Yevadu and Naayak. So, total there are 6 films from Mega family in the Top 10 which indicates clear supremacy.

Pawan Kalyan Interview


Now, people are seeing Power star Pawan Kalyan as a politician rather than a film star because of his close movements with NDA partners. When he was invited to crucial NDA meeting by BJP, media was abuzz with rumors that he is going to merge his Janasena party with BJP in lieu with a union minister post. Unlike his brother Chiranjeevi, he wants to keep his and his party identity intact. He explained about his future plans of his political activities, party and films in his recent interview given to a leading Telugu daily.
Maintaining relationship with NDA:

“Janasena party will maintain good relationship with TDP and BJP. Janasena will work together with them and contest elections together, but will not merge with either of the parties. Though, they both are giving very importance to me, I do not want to misuse it. I don’t want to intervene in their business. However, I am always there to support.”

Janasena will be ready in One Year:

“I have few films in hand. Once, I complete them, I will start building my party from grass root level. I hope I may be able to build it within one year. I am planning to open my party head office in Nanakram Guda in Hyderabad. If, everything goes smooth as planned, Janasena will contest in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections. However, even if my party is defeated in the elections, I will not regret for it or run s=away from politics, because I believe it is also a lesson in my political journey. However, I do not want to hit the media headlines everyother day making some spicy political statements like other political leaders.”

About Modi and Babu:

I am very much aware about Gujarat riots and the blood shred, but, here also people shredding blood over bifurcation. Only difference between these two incidents is, in Gujarat it is clearly visible and in our state it is internal injury not visible eyes. I have supported Narendra Modi because, our country badly need an efficient and powerful leader like him now. I am sure Narendra Modi and Chandrababu will develop the country and state, because they are capable for it. That’s why I have supported them.

About KCR and Jagan:

KCR is still making provocative statements. He should refrain from such things. Even now, Jagan fails to respond to his statements. Being a opposition party leader, his silence in this regard is not good.”

Is Pawan recommends Chiru to BJP?


A section of Telugu media is abuzz with the reports that Pawan Kalyan is trying to convince his brother Chiranjeevi to join BJP and he is also said to be trying to convince BJP to admit him into party. However, neither Chiranjeevi nor Pawan Kalyan is available for comments on these reports. Chiranjeevi is currently Rajya Sabha member and he has three years’ time to complete his present term. Media reports that Pawan Kalyan has recommended his brother Chiranjeevi’s name to BJP for minister post, as he is not keen to take it. However, there is no strong reason to believe that BJP will admit Chiranjeevi into party at this moment when it doesn’t need his services.

Why BJP is giving so importance to Pawan?


BJP has invited Janasena party president Pawan Kalyan to its crucial NDA meeting held at New Delhi few days ago. There were reports that he was offered minister post for his co-operation to party during elections campaigning, but he rejects it. Whether the reports are genuine or not, one thing is sure that Pawan Kalyan is not power hungry like his brother Chiranjeevi. So, even if BJP offers him any minister post, he may not accept it.

Earlier, while launching his Janasena party, Pawan Kalyan said that he is launching it to question the governments on behalf of people and not for grabbing the power. He has assured the people that his party will fight on their behalf with the governments to safe guard their interests. He also declared that his Janasena will contest in the next general elections definitely. For that, he is planning build his party from grass root level during the next five years. He once again reiterated all these things after coming out of the NDA meeting.

So, if BJP and TDP let him go off their hook, he may turn into a trouble maker for them both, questioning them or insisting to implement all their poll promises. If his fans in the state join his fight against government, it would be very embarrassing for both TDP and BJP governments. So, to avert such embarrassing situation, TDP and BJP may rope him into either of their governments. If, he joins their government it would not only ease their pressures but they can also utilize his services as their brand ambassador. At the same time they can also prevent him from strengthening his Janasena party. However, if Pawan Kalyan is reluctant to join TDP or BJP government, definitely he is going to hang like a sword on their heads.

Pawan special invitee to NDA meeting


People have seen how Narendra Modi is impressed with Pawan Kalyan’s patriotism and his influence on the people of both regions. However, no one has expected that Modi will invite Pawan Kalyan to crucial NDA meeting along with Chandrababu. Pawan Kalyan is also specially invited to attend the NDA meeting to be held today at New Delhi, in which portfolios to BJP and NDA partners will be finalized. So, Pawan Kalyan also left for New Delhi today along with Chandrababu. However, he said he is not interested or expecting any minister post in Modi’s cabinet, but attending the meeting only to honor Modi’s invitation. However, his fans are very much thrilled to see their beloved hero so honored by would be prime minister of the country Narendra Modi. They believe that BJP may offer him some portfolio as a token of gratitude for his support given to it in the elections campaigning. Whether, BJP offers him any portfolio or not, inviting him to such a crucial meeting itself is a great honor for him, think many people.

Power Center Pawan Kalyan


Of course power star Pawan Kalyan now becomes power center Pawan Kalyan, because of his close ties with would be prime minister of India Narendra Modi and would be Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Many aspirants are approaching him seeking his help to secure Minister Posts. While some need his help to find a berth in Modi’s cabinet, some others want him recommend their names to Chandrababu for a minister post in his cabinet. However, they tell the media that they come to thank him and nothing else. BJP Andhra president K. Hari babu, Maganti Babu, Murali Mohan are few among those who meet him today.

Apart from the aspirants, Congress leader Jagga Reddy, who was defeated in the recent elections, also met him today. He is planning to quit Congress party and join Janasena party. He told the media that he would like to work with likeminded Pawan Kalyan. He met Pawan after hearing him praise him for opposing bifurcation of the state. Pawan Kalyan told the media that he is not greedy for power or Minister Post. He said that he will build the party during next five years and prepare to fight the elections.

Pawan Kalyan Respond to Modi

Pawan kalyan Modi Twiiter

Social Media is playing a vital role for celebrity communication,Prime Minister Modi used the same to thank Pawan Kalyan for his contribution as a star campaigner for NDA in Andhra pradesh & Telangana.

Modi Tweet About Pawan Kalyan ‘I want to express my gratitude to Pawan Kalyan Garu for his enthusiasm & support through the campaign across Andhra Pradesh,’

‘It was most graceful of Modi ji to mention me. I have great respect for his leadership and have only tried to do my bit. I am confident that Modi ji will lead the nation towards progress and development and will give the youth of the countryhope and direction. I wish him all success in the great responsibility that he has assumed,’ pressnote from Pawan kalyan office

Not interested in ministries – Pawan Kalyan


Jana Sena President and the star campaigner of TDP-BJP combine in this election, Pawan Kalyan had confirmed that he is not interested to take up ministries at the state level or central level after the upcoming elections. There are news that Narendra Modi and Chandra Babu are extremely happy with his service and are offering him Central Ministry/Deputy CM post for all the help he rendered.

But Pawan Kalyan turned down all of them. Speaking in a Newspaper interview, the actor cum politician said, “I neither have the experience nor the party structure to take up any positions. I am focused only on Jana Sena building in the next 5 years. However I will give constructive inputs to the government functioning”.

YCP complains against Pawan to EC


YSR Congress party leaders have lodged a complaint against Pawan Kalyan for encouraging the voters to accept cash from political parties, but to vote for TDP-BJP candidates during his election campaigning in Vizianagaram district. Pawan said “Actually all the money looted by Jagan Mohan Reddy belongs to public. So, it is to be returned to people again. If, they offer money to lure the voters to vote for their party, take it, but vote for TDP-BJP candidates only.”

Hence, YCP leaders have met EC Additional Officer Devayani yesterday and lodged a complaint against Pawan Kalyan stating he has violated the code of conduct by encouraging the voters to accept the money from political parties. They appealed her to take action against him immediately.