• Tollywood Actress

    Tollywood actress woes.

    Every A-list Tollywood actress is clamoring for roles which will give her something else to do besides gyrating of the hips and looking like a doll throughout the span of the film. Nobody wants to take the risk of producing or directing a woman oriented film. It is a general idea that such films do a dismal business at the box office. If a Tollywood actress today really wants to show that she can act there is no other choice but to produce her own movie at her own terms. It is really sad news for an industry which makes such a huge profit year after year.

    While being projected as the glamorous babe that has its appeal, lasts not for so long. After a time a sense of loss is bound to set in. the same type of roles may give a steady income source, it doesn’t give acting satisfaction and this fact rankles. Any Tollywood actress can tell you that she is ready to take on the most challenging of the roles provided she is given some chance. The story of the films is generally woven around the leading man in the film.

    The Tollywood actress just accompanies the hero and provides him with the scope of fighting the baddies.

    She is just a sniveling weakling who requires a macho man to fight all her battles. If this is what the audience wants to see, then the filmmakers remain with no other choice. Every Tollywood actress is waiting for the tables to turn in her favor. However this will require a complete change in the mindset of the audience. This is something which may occur in some distant future and not before.

    It is not that the Tollywood actress doesn’t get a chance now and then.

    Whenever the occasion present itself, the talented actresses in the Tollywood film industry bag awards for showing off their acting prowess. The need of the present is to increase the chance of acting for this talented crop and develop more heroine oriented roles. Only then the Tollywood actress can come out of her shell and realise her acting dreams.

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